Appointments with IHRC Staff Will Reduce Patron Wait Times

The IHRC has limited archival staffing beginning March 27. Researchers should send an e-mail to to request appointments with archival staff. Walk-in researchers may consult the IHRC's on-site public access terminal, but those arriving without appointments will experience delays in collection access.

At the public access terminal, researchers have access to a presentation giving an overview of the IHRC's materials and instructions for using online search engines.

The Research Collections portion of the IHRC website has many links and tools for patrons to begin their research at the IHRC, including links to important reports on immigration in Minnesota, a description of the IHRC's holdings, and search engines for IHRC materials. The Research Collections page can be accessed from the IHRC homepage or the above link.

The four kinds of historical materials (and search tools) held by IHRC are:

  • Archival (VITRAGE)

  • Books (MNCAT)

  • Periodicals (list of titles, by ethnic group; also MNCAT)

  • Digital Sources (COLLAGE)

Researchers should consult these sources to learn about the IHRC and to define their projects. Staff will assist researchers on a first-come, first-served basis, and appointments help the archival staff to prepare information specific to a researcher's project.

Materials will be retrieved from the archival cavern as staff are available. Advance notice of specific collection requests allows staff to reduce the waiting time for retrieval.