Research in Progress: Ulla Aatsinki

Ulla Aatsinki, Fulbright Scholar at Michigan Technical University during 2009-2010, gave a Research in Progress Talk on "Finnish Roots, American Wings? Efforts to Socialize Finnish-American Children by American Schools."

Aatsinki's research explores the roles of schools on the socialization process of Finnish-American children in the 1920s. She is looking at the differences between American and Finnish schools when answering questions such as "How did schooling integrate Finnish-American children? What were those American values and attitudes which were experienced important to pass on to the next generation, especially to immigrant children so they could acculturate into the American society?" During her Feb. 10, 2010, presentation she shared research findings regarding socialization at the formal level being incorporated through the educational system-­a way to instill prevalent values and attitudes into the whole young generation. Aatsinki's visit to the IHRC was funded in part through generous donations to the IHRC's grant in aid program.