Virtual Guestbook: Students Visiting IHRC and Conducting Research

"I'm looking for an oral history about a Minnesota immigrant." We've heard that a lot during the spring 2010 semester, but that's just one of the many research requests we've fielded from students whose instructors rely upon the IHRC for primary resource materials and public history advice.

David Chang, Molly Rojas Collins, Dan Detzner and Michael Stebleton brought classes to the IHRC for orientations and archival workshops for courses from writing to ethnic studies. Brenda Child sent many students for oral history assignments on Minnesota immigration, and Kevin Murphy invited Program Director Haven Hawley to comment on graduate student public history project reports. Dr. Hawley also met with prospective graduate students for the History Department and the American Studies Department.

IHRC staff participated in archival visits by other classes at the University, arranged by the Archives and Special Collections staff of the University Libraries. Haven Hawley led an OLLI session and a workshop on detecting forgery in archives, and Halyna Myroniuk provided insights about archival sources useful for studying Ukrainian immigration and Holodomor. Sara Wakefield guided history of medicine students in using the Ukrainian Fraternal Association database of health, mortality, and demographic information, with archival materials enriching the session.

Aspiring high school students visited Donna Gabaccia to learn about the Center and the University of Minnesota through the "My Dream Day on Campus" program sponsored by the La Raza Sutdent Cultural Center and the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network. Last fall, a contingent of visiting German and Polish students considered meeting with Director Gabaccia at the IHRC a highlight of their trip to the Twin Cities, and early word is that the immigrant and Latino high school students will give similar feedback!

Spring 2010 courses at IHRC have included:

Molly Rojas Collins, "Writing Studio" (WRIT 1201)
Dan Detzner, "Ways of Knowing in the Social Sciences" (PSTL 1204)
Michael Stebleton, "Ways of Knowing in the Social Sciences" (PSTL 1204)
David Chang, "Race and Ethnicity in U.S. History" (HIST 3010)
Brenda Child, "Natives, Migrants & the Making of Minnesota" (AMST 3113)
Kevin Murphy, "Interdisciplinary Public History" (HIST 8910)

Archives and Special Collections at Elmer L. Andersen Library coordinated these class visits, with IHRC participation:
Carla Phillips and History professors, "How to Do History" (HIST 3959)
Jennifer Gunn, "Environment, Health & Disease" (HMED 3040)
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, "Out of the Cavern" (OSHER 2024)