Poster Display in IHRC

Poster projects from the spring 2010 class "Writing Studio" (WRIT 1201) taught by Molly Rojas Collins are currently on display afternoons in 308 Andersen Library through May 17. The variety in topics shows the diversity in subjects researched by the students.

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Working under the broad theme of conflict, poster titles vary and each study includes a short introduction and history about the issue, the ideology, questions and concerns, facts, proposed solutions and other relevant information. Stop by room 308 Elmer L. Andersen Library in the afternoons to view these:

  • Multilingual System in Hong Kong

  • Gambling as a Colonial Problem in China

  • Racism Adversely Affects People of Color

  • Rawanda Genocide

  • Afghanistan War

  • Pakistan, India and the Kashmir Conflict

  • Uncomfortable Facts Between Korea and Japan

  • Colonialism

  • Cambodian Genocide

  • Immigration Reform for Undocumented Workers in the U.S.

  • Somalia Needs to Settle Again

  • "American Dream"

  • An Ongoing Post Colonial Conflict