Processing the Hoglund Collection

The IHRC has completed another phase of the A. William Hoglund Collection processing project. IHRC undergraduate research assistant Adam Grant has recently described his experience working on the project: "I've been working on the Hoglund collection for two years, starting off with the books that were donated, ..."

"... and then moving into his manuscripts. I started this project right as I entered University, and it introduced me to the world of archival work. I had never seen how much effort was put into making collections available to researchers, and especially the amount of time that it took. With Hoglund, going through only his books was a massive task - while a large amount of it dealt with Finnish-Americans, there was a wide variety of subjects, such as European history, the history of labor movements, and even Japanese-American immigration. Once I moved onto his manuscripts, my task became all the more interesting - the depth to which Hoglund recorded his life was astounding, with journals and financial ledgers going back to the 1950s, as well as school work from university years. I've enjoyed the surprises that have come out of anonymous cardboard boxes - old albums with correspondences with Eleanor Roosevelt, 19th century immigrant newspapers, or a random newsletter revealing life in the mid-20th century. This collection has not only provided me with a student job, but another chance to further my education."
Adam is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota majoring in French and Economics, with a minor in Russian.