Immigration & Ethnic History Society Requests Panel Proposals for 2012 OAH

The Immigration and Ethnic History Society encourages IEHS members to submit panel proposals for the Organization of American Historians Annual Conference to be held in Milwaukee, April 19-22, 2012.

The theme for the OAH conference is "Frontiers of Capitalism and Democracy." IEHS will organize panels which the Society can co-sponsor. Panels do not need to fit the overall conference topic, but proposals should fall in the scope of the mission of the IEHS.

The Society's mission is "to promote the study of the history of immigration to the United States and Canada from all parts of the world." IEHS publishes the quarterly Journal of American Ethnic History.

Topics of IEHS interest are broad, including studies of the context of emigration in homelands and ethnicity in the United (embracing native Americans, area studies, and involuntary immigration). To propose a panel or to join Immigration and Ethnic History Society, please contact the Society through its homepage.