IHRC Research Presentations Available Online

Presentations from "The Global Goes Local: The Social Conditions of Immigrant Workers and Families in Minnesota Conference" -- including the first public reports on the Sheeko Project -- are now available online!

IHRC Director Donna Gabaccia and a number of undergraduate researchers working with Professor Gabaccia presented research April 11-12, 2011, at St. Cloud State University.

UMN students presenting at the conference included Mohamed Dirie, Saida Hassan and Mustafa Jumale of the Sheeko Project and John Ziegler. The Sheeko Project is an IHRC documentary effort to record oral histories of young Somali immigrants discussing their aspirations.

IHRC Director and Rudolph J. Vecoli Chair Donna R. Gabaccia gave a keynote lecture titled "Workers at the Border: Class in American Immigration Policy."