More Access to IHRC Collections!

IHRC staff organize and create finding aids for archival and print materials at the Center, making it possible for researchers to learn more about the vast holdings at University of Minnesota.

Please see the winter/spring Program Director's update for information about our work to process the IHRC's unselected and partially cataloged books and serials. We are making headway in highlighting the distinctiveness of our collection, as well as reducing the number of duplicates so that space can be saved for new acquisitions.

Capacity Project Volunteers

During summer 2010, volunteers from the Latvian Organization of Associations in Minnesota included Anna Hobbs, Ausma Giga, Janis Robins, as well as Baiba Olinger, Rita Drone, and Zane Mikelsone. American Latvian Association Graduate Fellow Ilze Garoza assisted volunteers as they made signifi cant headway in sorting Latvian print materials.

Edyta Dudek, Blanche Krbechek and Marta Alicja Swica of the Polanie Club also volunteered, providing Polish language expertise. Friends of the IHRC formed a Capacity Subcommittee, comprised of Vicki Albu, Celeste Raspanti and Walter Anastas, to help coordinate volunteers for further projects and to research possible recipients for out-of-scope and duplicate print.

New on the IHRC's Webpage

Publications produced by the IHRC during its 45-year history are being scanned and made available for free download from the Center's website. Cindy Herring continues to coordinate a project to provide access to all bound IHRC publications, including Spectrum, IHRC News and collection fi nding aids that predate today's online system.

Ukrainian Print Processing Project

In October 2010, IHRC began processing its Ukrainian American unprocessed print donations. Ihar Labacevich is working with Daniel Necas to identify books to be added to the IHRC's book and periodical collections. Duplicates will be offered to interested institutions in the United States and Ukraine.

George Papademetriou Papers Processing Project

Undergraduate Research Assistant Mary George is processing (with Daniel Necas) the papers of Rev. Dr. George C. Papademetriou (20 lin. ft., 1930s-1990s) who has been actively involved in Greek American religious circles as well as in interreligious dialogue in the United States and beyond. Rev. Papademetriou has served Greek Orthodox parishes in Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Massachusetts. He also taught and directed the library at the Holy Cross Seminary/Hellenic College in Brookline, Mass., before his retirement in 2003.

Improved Finding Aids

Daniel Necas, student workers and community volunteers improve the Center's archival finding aids continuously, with special attention to collections of high interest to researchers. Recent new or improved archival finding aids include:

Sucheng Chan Papers
Dominic Massaro Papers
Philip Khuri Hitti Papers
United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Records
Anatoly Rozenblat Papers
Barbara Hendrickson DiNucci Papers
Estonian Archives in the United States Records
Finlandia Foundation Records
Romilda Foti Papers
Karen Freeze Papers
Antti Kopra Papers
Stella Mucha Mickritz Papers
John Edor Larson Papers
Theodora and Walter Storozynsky Papers
Fanny Jarvi Hammarlund Papers
Adunata Dei Refratari FBI Files Collection
Life Histories Project, University of Minnesota, Collections

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