Visiting Scholars Receive Awards to Travel to IHRC in 2011-2012

The Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota extended offers of award to nine visiting scholars in 2011-2012 for research projects using the Center's historical collections.

Karni Scholarship
The Michael G. Karni Scholarship will be awarded to Katja Hyry, a professional teacher of religion in Helsinki Senior Secondary School of Natural Sciences. Dr. Hyry received her doctoral degree from the University of Lapland in 2011. Her project "Marks of the Finnish Americans" generates an ethnobiographical study of the relationship of long-term and recent memory. Her work at the IHRC will focus on the writings of Aili Jarvenpa. Separately, Dr. Hyry will conduct interviews among Finnish Americans, with interviews in Minneapolis. She plans to conduct research at IHRC either in June of 2012 or to be in residence at the Center during 2012-2013.

Post-Doctoral Awards
Irēne Elksnis Geisler graduated in 2011 from the Department of History at Western Michigan University. She will give a talk on her research project "The Gendered Plight of Terror: Annexation and Exile in Latvia 1940-1953" during a visit in spring 2012.

Maria Kaliambou, senior lector I in the Hellenic Studies Program at Yale University, plans to visit the IHRC in March 2012. Her research topic is "The Book Culture of Greek-Americans."

John Tofik Karam, assistant professor of Latin American and Latino Studies Program at DePaul University, presented "Area Studies through Diasporic Eyes: Philip Hitti and the AUB alumni network in Brazil" during a visit in August.

Grant-in-Aid Recipients
Melissa May Borja, Columbia University (doctoral candidate), " 'To Follow the New Rule or Way': Hmong Refugee Resettlement and Religious Change, 1975-1990," visited during September 2011.

Yehonathan Brodski, University of Texas at Austin (doctoral candidate), "Philip Hitti and the Making of the Modern Middle East," visit being scheduled.

Volodymyr Iushkevych, Ukrainian Studies (defended thesis 2011), Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, "Ukrainian Displaced Persons' Relief: Assistance of American government and national emigrant organizations to Ukrainian DPs," January/February 2012.

Heather Lee, Department of American Civilization (doctoral student), Brown University, "Inventing Chinese Food: Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Consumer Culture in the United States, 1882-1965," visited September/October 2011 and presented her research project as part of the Global Race, Ethnicity & Migration lecture series.

Ji-Hye Shin, Department of History (doctoral candidate), Rutgers University, "Insanity on the Move: The 'Alien Insane' in Modern America, 1882-1930," visited August 2011.

Guidelines for the 2012-2013 funding cycle will be publicized on the IHRC homepage in spring 2012. For information about assistance offered by IHRC either for visiting scholars or graduate students at the University of Minnesota to support research in the Center's collections, visit Fellowships, Scholarships & Grants.