IHRC Fellowship Applications Solicited from UMN Departments

The application period for 2012-2013 IHRC fellowships for UMN graduate students conducting research in the Center's Estonian, Finnish and Italian immigrant collections is now open.

The fellowships support students conducting research in specific portions of the IHRC's vast archives and print collections, providing $8,300 in stipend and up to $8,300 toward certain fees/tuition during each semester held. The IHRC's collections are national in scope and rank among the world's most important for documenting North American immigration and diaspora history.

In 2012-2013, fellowship applications for research by UMN graduate students in the IHRC's Estonian, Finnish and Italian collections will be accepted. Language facility appropriate to proposed research and topic of study is required, and fellows are expected to participate in the IHRC scholarly community. In addition to a stipend and fees allowance, a cubicle for the duration of the fellowship period is supplied by IHRC.

Nomination packets must be received directly from the student's department by February 15, 2012. Departments may nominate only one student per award. When semester is specified, fellowship will be offered only during that period (or for the following summer semester). Fellowship nomination forms may be found at: http://www.ihrc.umn.edu/educators/fellowships.php

IHRC collection fellowships are most appropriate for students in the research or prospectus formation phases of their University of Minnesota programs.

Please contact Haven Hawley, Program Director at the IHRC, for more information about 2012-2013 fellowships. The IHRC has graduate fellowships in Arabic, Estonian, Finnish, Italian and Latvian awarded at varying intervals, but only three fellowships will be offered for 2012-2013. The IHRC collections may be searched online from our homepage: http://www.ihrc.umn.edu

IHRC Fellowships Available for UMN Graduate Students in 2012-2013:

Estonian (2 semesters - 2012-2013) - The Hildegard and Gustav Must Graduate Fellowship in Estonian American Studies provides support for a UMN graduate student conducting research in the Estonian American collections of IHRC, which are almost entirely in Estonian. These collections only recently have become accessible and offer a major opportunity for breakthrough scholarship on Cold War exile organizations, arts and culture, and refugee integration. Certain film holdings are in English, and other collections include English, Finnish, German, Polish or Russian. Spotlight on Edmund Valtman Papers (editorial cartoonist) is available.

Finnish (1 semester - spring 2013) - The IHRC Graduate Fellowship in Finnish American Studies supports a student conducting research in IHRC Finnish American collections, which are in Finnish and English. Excellent holdings for Finnish publishing, sociology and labor topics, with some religious materials also available. Oral histories for early 20th-c. Finnish American theatre (in Finnish and English) will be available by 2013. Immigrant radicalism is a long-standing strength of the collections (Carl Ross Papers).

Italian (1 semester - spring 2013) - The UNICO National Graduate Fellow in Italian American Studies will work on a topic in Italian American collections that are typically in Italian and English. The collections have a range comparable to the Finnish American Collection. Italian transnational topics in labor, music/performing arts and literature have exceptional support in this collection, with ethnic publishing and organizations also a foundation of the collections. See Diego Delfino Paper and Allessandro Sisca Papers in Digitizing Immigrant Letters project.