Sheeko Now Online! Hear the Stories of Somali Youth

Explore the new Sheeko website to hear the voices of Somali youth. Topics include: leaving Somalia, experiences in refugee camps, journeys to the West, living in the Somali diaspora, and adjusting to new places.

Sheeko is a collection of Somali youth stories created by and for Somali youth. During 2010- 2011, a team of Somali students collected dozens of interviews with Somalis between the ages of 18-25. Many of of the narrators live in Minnesota and London.

The website includes a selection of video clips from Sheeko interviews, with a variety of topics reflecting migration experiences of young people, whose perspectives often are not the focus of oral history projects. The interview clips are organized into categories of Advice, Difficulties, Early Life, Education, Family, Gendered Experiences, Identity, Islam and Journeys. Full interviews are archived at the Immigration History Research Center.

Team members write, "We hope these stories will provide a better understanding of the lives of Somali youth. We also hope other Somali youth will find these videos to be useful as they encounter similar experiences in their own lives. This website provides insight into our lives and encourages discussion with Somali youth. Mahadsanid! (Thank you!)"

Undergraduates Kafia Ahmed, Mustafa Jumale, Mohamed Dirie, Fartun Abdi, Saida Hassan and graduate student Andy Wilhide worked with Donna Gabaccia, Rudolph J. Vecoli Chair in Immigration History, to create this web archive of immigrant stories reflecting young refugee perspectives. Program Director Haven Hawley advised the project team, with support from CLA-OIT and the Digital Content Library staff at University of Minnesota.