Recently Published: articles from the Gender Ratios project

Several articles in the Social Science History Summer 2012 Special Section "Gender Ratios and International Migration" feature research from IHRC's Gender Ratios and Global Migration project. Authors Katharine Donato, Donna Gabaccia, Elizabeth Zanoni, J. Trent Alexander, Annemarie Steidl and Johanna Leinonen were among the participants for the IHRC's 2008 Gender Ratios and Global Migration symposium.

Featured articles in the journal's special section include "Introduction: Variation in the Gender Composition" by Katharine M. Donato, "Transitions in Gender Ratios among International migrants, 1820-1930" by Donna Gabaccia and Elizabeth Zanoni, and "Gender and the 'Laws of Migration': A Reconsideration of Nineteenth-Century Patterns" by J. Trent Alexander and Annemarie Steidl. A fourth article, "Money is not Everything and That's the Bottom Line" by Johanna Leinonen, is based on research by Leinonen while working with Gabaccia. José C. Moya's article "Commentary: Gender and Migration" Search for Answers to Basic Questions" rounds out the section.

The IHRC's Gender Ratios and Global Migrations project sought to bring together demographers, historians, and anthropologists to use IPUMS data for the research. It was supported by the University of Minnesota's Minnesota Population Center and Office of International Programs. Cosponsors also included the Russell Sage Foundation and Vanderbilt University's College of Arts and Sciences.