April 2013 Archives

IHRC/IHRC Archives Awards and Appreciation Ceremony

Please join us at the IHRC and IHRC Archives Awards and Appreciation Ceremony honoring staff, faculty, students, and volunteers!

May 8, 2013
4:00 to 6:00 pm
120 Elmer L. Andersen Library

Keystone Awards
Cindy Herring
Jeff Nelson
Haven Hawley

Career Achievement Award
Prof. Katherine Fennelly

Certificates of Appreciation
Michael Anuta
Katie Evans
Emily Janisch
Kris Kiesling
Halyna Myroniuk
Mia Overly
Lisa Vecoli
Margaret Yzaguirre

Congratulations to Donna Gabaccia for being selected as been selected as one of two honorees to receive the 2013 University of Minnesota Outstanding Community Service Award--Faculty from the Office of Public Engagement.

This award is the one of highest honors the University gives to a faculty member for service to the community and recognizes the substantial and significant contributions Prof. Gabaccia made to her work at the IHRC building University-community partnerships and programs benefit university students, faculty, staff, community partners and citizens across the state and provide an exemplary model of a publicly engaged professional.

Archivists from Tallinn at IHRC Archives

Continuing a tradition which began in 2009, two archivists from the National Archives of Estonia in Tallinn are currently working at the IHRC Archives. Peeter Valjas and Aet Tonissoo will be with us for a month.