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Bad blog...

Okay, blogging may very well be hip and cool and it is becoming one of the predominant forms of written communication in the digital world. But I suspect the video clip “Blogs in Plain English� doesn’t exactly reflect reality when it portrays everyone as a potential journalist with something to say. At least this hypothesis is definitely not supported by the preponderance of the evidence actually existing in the blogosphere.
Bloggers who confuse the line between truth, opinion, and just plain gossip are common and there is a plethora of misinformation, misinterpretation and outright prevarication. Add to this the concurrent degeneration of quality journalism (not necessarily causally related but certainly correlated) and a global shift from traditional news media to alternate digital sources, like blogs, and the result is a scary picture indeed.
But it is also one that points to the necessity of our presence in this medium. Looking for information on the Internet was once described as looking for gold nuggets in the sewer, they're there but you've really gotta look! After using Technorati to seek and peruse some of the pest management blogs out there, I've come to realize that a few nuggets are probably called for...


Thanks for signing up for the course! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. You are right about blog quality... but Extension blogs will rise above that!