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Google Docs Rocs

I've previously mentioned that I am semi-permanently attached to an Internet Tablet. This thing needs WiFi or cell phone to connect. It also has very limited onboard memory. So I welcome any web utility that decreases what memory I have to assign to PIM.

I started using Google Docs a while back and have to admit, had let my enthusiasm and participation wane a bit. But this module of the course has brought me back!! I uploaded my calendar, pushed over a PowerPoint that I later shared with a colleague and even tried to use it to do a class presentation - unsuccessfully, but technical issues can (and will!) be overcome!!

Google docs rocs!


Bummer about the presentation! I was complaining about Google Docs (it's love/hate) and my husband suggested I switch to the "chrome" browser, which Google developed specifically to make their docs work better. I plan on trying it out soon! Thanks for doing Week 7!