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My abundance of FLOW through the city

SO, when I think about how things flow through the city, the story that formulates in my mind begins at Lake Calhoun.

Try to follow me here..

calhoun harriet map.jpg

I work at the Tin Fish at Calhoun. I run at Calhoun. I sun tan and fall asleep at Calhoun. I live about a mile from the lake, but in the summer I practically live AT the lake I spend so much time there. And apparently I'm not the only one..

Working at the Tin Fish, we get all sorts of people - the regulars you know by name, the CEO's on lunch break, kids in sailing school, homeless people, grandparents, outta-towners, Greek's, Somalians, just about everyone you can think of. All these people do different things, and have different needs. But still.. they're all coming to this one common place to get [some freakishly delicious] food. They all GET there in their own way (bike, walk, drive, bus, unicycle, motorcycle) and they all order different things (although calamari tacos manage to dominate many of the order cards). But that fact is, everyone has a very unique and different LIFE.

This hit's me like some crazy new revelation every time I go out of town. I see all the houses and neighborhoods and apartment buildings, and I remember - there are PEOPLE out there! More than just Minneapolis or MN. EVERYWHERE. They all have families and problems and religions and traditions and stories. Crazy right?

From my design point of view, I think about all these people in their homes, and I think - Wow. No two people live the same. Jenna bikes to the Tin Fish from the North Beach EVERY day in the summer, and she always gets two chocolate chip cookies. She's super environmentally friendly (hence the bike) and I picture her living in a home that reflects that. I can imagine her recycling in her kitchen and her yoga mat in her bedroom.. (ok, now I'm being stereotypical..)

Francis always orders a halibut taco, with JUST cabbage. No cheese, no salsa or hot sauce. Just halibut and cabbage. All we write on his order card is "Francis Taco" and everyone knows what he wants. He always sits in the same adirondack chair too, and it throws me off whenever I see someone else sitting there. He is from somewhere in Europe. I've never asked him, but now I'll have to. I picture him living in one of those German pre-fab houses.. decked out with Ikea gear.

Everyone has their OWN flow, and they all contribute bits and pieces of their flow to create the energy of a city. In my story, their flow is leading to the Tin Fish for some freaking fantastic food. But it won't just stop there.. they'll continue on in their day and go flow somewhere else. Put that in your creativity cabinet Andy!

This is turning into a novel so let me get to the point. Basically, there are about a bajillion people on this earth, and everyone is completely different. They mold their surrounding environment to fit their lifestyle.. or their lifestyle ends up being molded by their surrounding environment. I want to make those environments and those lifestyles work together the best possible way. For all people.

Side: this has not so much to do with Andy Goldsworthy. But those stone eggs were beastly.