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Without Limits.. (..Prefontaine style)

What would I do with my time, my thoughts, and my $220,000 I'd get back from not being in "architecture school"? (Sadly, the University I'm transferring to next year is not in MN, nor is it public.)

Let me tell you.. or better yet, let me show you.


1. Order a butt-load of Asics GT 2130s.. size 2.5. By butt-load I mean at least 15 pairs - you can only run these bad boys 300 - 500 miles. I'm gonna be doing a whole lotta that.

2. Buy a plane ticket - fly to Santorini.

3. Run every street, staircase, and pebble-paved path in Greece. Head out before sunrise, come back as the sun sets. Absorb every drop of beauty, splendor, brilliance, and sublimity that is Greece.

4. Journal, document, photograph, and capture everything I see to my best ability. Preferably with a plethora of supplies from Russell + Hazel. I may have to marry a Grecian to ensure that I can capture all the goodness.

5. Eat a bounty of delicious amazing vegetarian food. Preferably with the aforementioned Greek god.

6. Return to Linden Hills - my world as I know it. Replace the 43rd street Dunn Bros with my own store Re-Juve: a cafe that caters to athletes who want ginormous homemade granola bars and soy smoothies. (I love that Dunn Bros, but they've got a prime location. Sorry!) I will be in back concocting baking those granola bars, and up at the counter commingling your smoothie ingredients. Ingredients will all come from local farmers, because it's very important to me to support the local economy. Although dairy is completely unnecessary in the human diet past infancy (Yes.. that's the stink-eye for you. I see you chugging that 2%), we will offer dairy and soy options to serve a wider population. The dairy will come from local cows. I will grow them in my backyard. All serving utensils will be re-usable, and bringing your own container/plate/silverware is highly encouraged. I never said I wasn't a tree hugger.

7. I will live out the rest of my life as the little baker/smothie-maker in my little cafe in Linden Hills for the rest of my life. I will make frequent travels throughout the country and the other seven continents to continue to learn that which I do not know, and that which I have not had the chance to appreciate yet. Of course, there will be an occasional trip to Australia to visit my kangaroo rehabilitation ranch. I will run around Lake Calhoun every single day, rain or shine or -37 windchill. Walking and biking will be my main form of transportation, but for those trips to Anoka to pick up the next crate of local berries, I will drive the ZipCar.

Isn't it amazing what you can do with a quarter million dollars saved? This is what I will accomplish:
Architecturally: study different architectural styles and approaches throughout the world. Build my own house that is completely environmentally friendly, a la Ed Begley.
Artistically: Document. Everything. Appreciate. Everything. Enjoy. The. Little. Things.
Bodily: aside from my killer leg muscles from those thousands of racked up miles, I'm getting a tattoo.
Lyrically: I actually am not a great singer, but if you hear someone creeping up on you at Calhoun singing out "I got Me Some Bapes" by Soulja Boy.. it might be me.