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Purchasing inside IT (originally OIT area)

Today I learned I am making the purchasing process for our IT area harder than it needs to be. I must wrap my head around our process, and in some ways, forget how I did it before. I don't need to worry about quoting things out to the level I did before. My type A personality definitely needs to relax a bit. :-) Thankfully, my colleague Brandon has been very patient and helpful while I learn this process.

If the item needed is not standard, than email the user requesting they have their manager email me back with approval. For example: HDMI to DVI cable order for a Mac, only $6 but not a standard item for us to order.

Mac items - User requesting Superdrive, DVI/VGA adapters, ethernet adapter, Thunderbolt cable, Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter, external 1TB HD, 24" monitor with DVI/VGA/HDMI/RGB connections and 5yr warr, 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display, keyboard, mouse, Applecare and 2nd 85W MagSafe 2 power adapter.
- If an order is considered 'reasonable' and it is items we normally keep in stock, than it is ok to order. On this order because of the dollar amount, email the user requesting their line managers contact info. Call Line Manager to verify this order is ok. Ex: Inc296186. Cost will be around $3500. Order considered reasonable for this user to do his job.

Installing Bootcamp Fail

First, make sure FileVault hasn't been turned on. If it has, you will need to remove it before starting Bootcamp installation.

Much frustration and waiting as I try to install this for the first time. Make sure you have a Windows 7 DVD, and really first, make sure you know where office DVD's are kept. Research problem online, watch 2 youtube videos, go through steps in manual, find out can't save windows to my partition because it isn't NTFS ?how that happened, cancel out of Windows install, and shut down, disconnect devices and restart, find out there is no longer a bootable device...finally go home after finding the new computer responses badly to colleague tomorrow. At least this is a brand new machine so no data lost. So much wasted time... Sigh....

To be continued...

12/27/12 - Yesterday, in the battle between human and machine, the machine won. Today, the machine was sent back to Apple because of bad hardware. Human wins the war! Humans everywhere rejoice!

Request for AD Admin Account

User needs to fill out the request form:

- The users supervisor must approve the request
- The more info area is for things like computer name, S/N, PC vs. Mac, Asset Tag, etc
- This gives the user an admin account setup like our service requests, oit-x500

Need new file share, server access

Requests on PS file share, server access, home directory - should assign the incident to Computer Management Deliver (AD) and put myself on the watchlist

- Craig, Jeff and Aaron

New Equipment/Software Requests

To request new software or equipment fill out the following form:

The above link is a shortcut to our web page. The person who approves the funds often puts in the request for the departments. I am expected to talk to Nate or Mark on items and then put in my own request. The Coordinators for each area often put in the requests for their specific areas, work up quotes and submit things to Inventory to be purchased.

Printers (RFC)

RFC (Request for Comments)

- For printers RFC1918 - LAN space not routable from
- Internal network address for our LAN and can't talk to outside except through gateway address (192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, 172.x.x.x)
- can only print to these if they connect to the VPN network first (UofM VPN)

Note: Must get additional information on this

Personal Server Space

In OIT -

oit has 'Home' space for the individual user, and you just have to ask for it from server group (Aaron, Jeff, Craig)

admin account

Admin account for tech staff:

oit-x500 = gives more access to computer or other servers

server access

Log in with:

\\\oit - windows

smb:// - Mac

For OIT AD login and password - use x500 info (other login info used in past)

Formatting computer via USB, non-PXE

Per Gary (Main IT):
1. Register mac address under 'dsdhcp' account
2. Boot to flash drive (make flash bootable)
3. F8 to command prompt
4. Enter password for boot media
5. CM-Windows 7
6. Next
7. When prompted, remove boot media
8. Finish
9. Computer image runs
10. Computer name - Standard naming (OIT and asset tag preferred, some do Dept and serial number s/t)
11. Ok
12. Select yes for 64bit Windows 7, no for 32bit
13. Computer image continues
14. When image is done, restart the computer
15. Make sure computer is in the correct OU
16. Run gpupdate/force a couple times to make sure the computer is getting current policy updates
17. For laptops, make sure Bitlocker is working. Then let computer completely encrypt before returning to Inventory or the user.

Drew (CITSU version used)
1. Security (TPM Security - Clear)
2. Save Changes
3. Insert Flash Drive
4. Boot, F12, Boot to USB Device/Drive
5. For Grad reimage - use: CITSU-CM-Windows 7-UMN00CO4 (32bit or 64bit)
6. Remove Flash drive
7. Finish and it reboots
8. Put in Computer Name - use CITSU name from sticker, but name creation as follows:
- CITSUGRADL1004 means CITSU, GRAD department, L for device (laptop), 10 for year, 04 as the 4th computer installed that year (Options for devices are L-laptop, W-Windows, M-Mac, V-Virtual)
9. Install 64bit version of windows unless the computer has less than 4GB RAM or unless there is a software compatibility issue with 64bit

admin login for Windows 7

.\ - needed in front of login name

Purpose of Blog

I plan to use this blog for my notes. I just started in a new position, and I want to keep an electronic copy of my notes. I am creating this for myself for now, but I know it may come in handy later to help train others.

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