Formatting computer via USB, non-PXE

Per Gary (Main IT):
1. Register mac address under 'dsdhcp' account
2. Boot to flash drive (make flash bootable)
3. F8 to command prompt
4. Enter password for boot media
5. CM-Windows 7
6. Next
7. When prompted, remove boot media
8. Finish
9. Computer image runs
10. Computer name - Standard naming (OIT and asset tag preferred, some do Dept and serial number s/t)
11. Ok
12. Select yes for 64bit Windows 7, no for 32bit
13. Computer image continues
14. When image is done, restart the computer
15. Make sure computer is in the correct OU
16. Run gpupdate/force a couple times to make sure the computer is getting current policy updates
17. For laptops, make sure Bitlocker is working. Then let computer completely encrypt before returning to Inventory or the user.

Drew (CITSU version used)
1. Security (TPM Security - Clear)
2. Save Changes
3. Insert Flash Drive
4. Boot, F12, Boot to USB Device/Drive
5. For Grad reimage - use: CITSU-CM-Windows 7-UMN00CO4 (32bit or 64bit)
6. Remove Flash drive
7. Finish and it reboots
8. Put in Computer Name - use CITSU name from sticker, but name creation as follows:
- CITSUGRADL1004 means CITSU, GRAD department, L for device (laptop), 10 for year, 04 as the 4th computer installed that year (Options for devices are L-laptop, W-Windows, M-Mac, V-Virtual)
9. Install 64bit version of windows unless the computer has less than 4GB RAM or unless there is a software compatibility issue with 64bit

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