Installing Bootcamp Fail

First, make sure FileVault hasn't been turned on. If it has, you will need to remove it before starting Bootcamp installation.

Much frustration and waiting as I try to install this for the first time. Make sure you have a Windows 7 DVD, and really first, make sure you know where office DVD's are kept. Research problem online, watch 2 youtube videos, go through steps in manual, find out can't save windows to my partition because it isn't NTFS ?how that happened, cancel out of Windows install, and shut down, disconnect devices and restart, find out there is no longer a bootable device...finally go home after finding the new computer responses badly to colleague tomorrow. At least this is a brand new machine so no data lost. So much wasted time... Sigh....

To be continued...

12/27/12 - Yesterday, in the battle between human and machine, the machine won. Today, the machine was sent back to Apple because of bad hardware. Human wins the war! Humans everywhere rejoice!

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