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Configure a Mac - manual install

Go through initial screen to setup the computer and use 'oitadmin' as the user account.
Register Mac Address
Enter the computer name in System Preferences, Sharing, and then OIT+asset tag number (ex. OIT201612345)

Install the following:
Symantec and updates
Office - must go to Security& Privacy and allow installs from Anywhere
Flash Player
oitadmin account
local user admin account
Enable remote management to make remote assistance easier
local user account
For laptops: FileVault 2

To configure FileVault go to System preferences
Select Security & Privacy
Go to the FileVault tab
Click on the lock (lower left corner
Enter admin account login and password
Select Turn On FileVault
Select the buttons for 'Enable User...' for all computer accounts
Select Continue
Go to the path listed below, and save the recovery key to the spreadsheet
Select Do Not store the recovery key with Apple
Select Continue
Select Restart
Log back in as admin
Go to System preferences
Select Power options and turn off the option for putting computer hard drive to sleep until encryption done, then turn it back on
Go the Security & Privacy tab - my personal preference is the have the computer completely encryption before bringing it out to the user.

Path for a mac: smb://files.umn.edu/oit/Services/CMS-DesktopSupport/Administrative/Encryption Keys/Mac/Mac Encryption Keys - Filevault.xlsx

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