the journey into graphic standards

Like many communicators at the University, we're about to embark into the land of aligning with the University's new graphic standards policy. This means doing away with logos and fully embracing the use of the University's word mark within the context of our organizational name. It's going to be a challenge; there's a lot of affiliation that needs to be considered. And we already are low on options for visual images to denote who we are. Not to mention the Office of Classroom Management's current use of our logo outside, at least, each and every general purpose classroom on the Twin Cities campus. The One Stop ticket will survive this journey largely in tact (it has the advantage of being seen as a "graphic" rather than a logo). I'm hoping this transition will create an opportunity to provide more consistency in our look and feel and create an even greater sense of institutional affiliation. At the end of the day, though, it's probably not the end product that matters as much as including everyone in the process of getting there. A true example of the journey mattering much more than the destination.

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