February 22, 2002

Tapping New Data Territories Conference

INMS co-hosts three day conference

Feb. 22-24
The Pew Center for Public Journalism, Investigative Reporters and Editors, and the Institute for New Media Studies teamed up to hold a three day conference on new ways to find, use, and present data-rich stories to news audiences. In a panel on new information visualization techniques, moderated by Nora Paul, Paul Morin demonstrated the Wall to the audience of over 120. It was the highlight of the conference for many - all of whom were interested in knowing when the techniques for 3D visualization might be translated to the computer screen.

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February 15, 2002

Painting the News

INMS hosts conference on new models for online story-telling

INMS and NewsLab, a broadcast news think tank in Washington DC, joined efforts for Painting the News, the second of a five-workshop series, "Innovations in Online News". Digital artists were partnered with online journalists who are doing the difficult task of balancing the traditions of journalistic story-telling with the use of innovative story forms.

The point of the workshop series, "Innovations in Online News" is to inspire the creation of new models for online story-telling. The Painting the News participants and speakers enthusiastically engaged in the discussions and prototype designing the 2-day workshop consisted of. They were challenged to look at some staid online news sites and come up with more engaging, energized designs.

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