January 15, 2004

Nora Paul named among "Minnesota's Women of Accomplishment"

Nora Paul was invited to a dinner hosted by First Lady Pawlenty

INMS Director Nora Paul was invited, along with 39 others, to a dinner hosted by First Lady Pawlenty honoring "Minnesota Women of Accomplishment." The informal networking and dinner gathering at the Governor's Residence brought together women from age 11 to 88 who have achieved some acclaim in their work or have made a significant contribution to Minnesota. There was much speculation on the part of the attendees on why they were selected, and how. Mary Pawlenty and her assistant had culled newspapers and magazines and their own networks to come up with names. From those names they selected 40 women to honor in this first gathering. First Lady Pawlenty plans other such gatherings to celebrate Minnesota's women.

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