April 1, 2008

Emerging Digerati Week: Minnesota Traffic Observatory

Visualizing traffic flow on 94 and moose migration in Alaska

John Hourdos, director of the Minnesota Traffic Observatory, and researcher Chen-Fu Liao gave a through tour of the many projects being conducted in the lab to a hardy group of attendees at the first night of Emerging Digerati Week. Braving a heavy snowstorm and traveling deep (seven stories) down into the ground beneath the Civil Engineering building, 20 or so people got to see the giant wall with live feeds of DOT traffic cameras, try out the CAVE (3D) simulations of Washington Ave. and I94, learn about the drawing-direct-to-simulation program developed for road engineering students, and hear about an interdisciplinary study on the impact of tourist bus traffic in Denali National Parks (where, among the data collected are bus, and moose, behavior from GPS tracking.) Many of the programs being developed in the lab are unique in the United States and Emerging Digerati attendees were provided a unique opportunity to see and hear about them.

Posted by ossma003 at April 1, 2008 1:21 PM