November 5, 2006

Danish Media Conference

Nora Paul gave two lectures at Danish conference

Computer-Assisted Reporting - the Next 10 Years
The panel summed up the achievements in the first 10 years with CAR journalism and provides an informed assessment of what is likely to happen in the next 10 years. There are many ways to use CAR - but will we get better software, more data, more international co-operation, a stronger focus on the protection of sources in the virtual world or will CAR end up as a blip in the history of journalism as entertainment becomes the only show in town? The director of Investigative Reporters and Editors Brant Houston and Nora Paul, director for Institute for New Media Studies at University of Minnesota, and Nils Mulvad, director of Dicar, hosted the session.

Waking Up Data
Graphic data illustrations often lurk somewhere between endless rows of numbers and a solution that is a little bit too smart. On the web most graphic presentations are boring splotches and visual killers. However, new ways of using data to create interesting and unique contents are emerging. Immediately we are faced with the next problem: How do we avoid that graphic illustrations override reality and the stories behind the 'interesting figures' are forgotten? Featured speakers were: Gert K. Nielsen, editor of news graphics at Danish newspaper 24timer and Nora Paul, director of Institute for New Media Studies at University of Minnesota.

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