April 21, 2006

Games Symposium in Duluth

Nora Paul presented "Modding Neverwinter Nights"

The first Games Symposium at UMD, was held on Friday, April 21 from 9 am until 3 pm in the Kirby Rafters. This event showcased gaming technologies and scholarship in an effort to promote and advance understanding of the important new medium of the video game. The Viz (Visualization and Digital Imaging) Lab at UMD sponsored this event, together with the GRAVEL (Games Research and Virtual Environment Lab) group from the Twin Cities campus. The morning featured speakers and the afternoon showcased games and technology. There was a sound design experiment station, demos from EA, hands-on art game making activities, a games usability lounge, demos of student games, game demos from Best Buy, and tours to the virtual reality head-mounted-display lab. Interactive exhibits and hands on gaming demonstrations were featured at the Games symposium. In addition, several gaming experts presented at the event, including: Sandra Voelker (artist from Electronic Arts), Paul Skalski (video game effects researcher at UMD), Pete Border (UMTC researcher teaching physics with video games), Steve Horner (composer and sound designer), Rob Wittig (game narrative and art researchers at UMD), Nora Paul (INMS Director at UMTC, modding NeverWinter Nights) and others.

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