August 4, 2004

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference in Toronto

Nora Paul presented in three sessions

In one, "Digital Storytelling: Jumpstarting a Research Agenda", co-hosted with University of Alabama professor Wilson Lowrey, a panel of educators (including UM - SJMC professor Brian Southwell) discussed research areas they believe are important to follow-up on. At this stage in online news development, establishing a research agenda is still an important consideration.
Paul was also a panelist for the "Online Journalism Ethics: New Bottle for Old Wine?" session, lead by Iowa University professor Jane Singer. Issues as diverse as judging the credibility of sources for linking and for research to the pressures of corporate sponsorship on news sites were discussed by the panel of educators.
On Friday, Paul gave the speech for the Visual Communication Division's luncheon. Well, she tried to, anyway. Her speech, focusing on the ways that digital storytelling techniques are changing the way visuals are displayed (particularly with the addition of audio overlays to slide show images), spawned a heated discussion among the visual journalism professors and researchers in the group. What was intended to be a "show-and-tell" ended up being a fascinating discussion of what we do, and do not know, about how images online are being processed. Clearly, this hit a hot spot, one that should be followed up on with more opportunities to discuss all the issues and ideas.

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