July 6, 2004

Digital Story Master Class in Reston, VA

Nora Paul moderates workshop on "Advanced Content for the Online Audience"

Media Center at API Digital Storytelling Class
July 26 - 30.
For the past several years, INMS Director Nora Paul has presented at the Media Center's twice-yearly Digital Storytelling Masterclass. This year, she was asked by Media Center director Andrew Nachison to co-host the week-long seminar. Her responsibilities included design of the sessions and inviting presenters as well as co-leading the sessions. This summer's session had a number of journalists from South Korea, people responsible for the information and news on non-profit websites and journalists from "mainstream" news organizations.
The goal of this seminar is to open up the imagination about how news and information can be packaged and produced. The intention is to help news organizations build unique content that takes advantage of the attributes of the digital medium. To that end, the conference brought in both non-traditional presenters, such as WaterCoolerGames' Ian Bogost and Laurence Bricker of Popular Front, as well as leading edge online news producers such Angela Clark of MSNBC. A field trip to the Smithsonian Institute's online library team provided a different view of the challenges of taking "real" and making it "virtual."

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