October 1, 2003

Norwegian Trade Press Editors

Editors visit University of Minnesota and attend INMS workshop

In early October, a group of Norwegian Trade Press Editors will visit the University of Minnesota campus for a three day long INMS workshop on challenges in this era of multi-channel delivery of publications. They will do an assessment of their current, and desired, situations; hear from regional trade press publishers on their multi-channel delivery strategies; see a presentation of a digital data management system and discuss methods for better understanding of their audience's media consumption with Rusty Coats, MORI Research new media director. Field trips to MSP Communications, Popular Front, and the Utne Reader will provide on-site examination and discussion of new techniques for the publications. The group's coordinator, Bjorn Ottersen, is a media consultant and former co-director of the Norwegian Journalism Institute. Last year he brought over a group of newspaper editors from Norway and we look forward to this next "Norwegian Invasion."

Posted by ossma003 at October 1, 2003 4:36 PM