March 10, 2010

New Media Research Support Grants Awarded

The Institute sent out a call for grant proposals to support new media research during the 2010 academic year. The research proposals needed to address some aspect of changes in new media technology, media consumption, or the impact of new technologies on storytelling and communications. Out of 20 proposals submitted, eight were funded.

The following Institute for New Media Studies 2010 grant proposals were funded:
"Evaluating Social Media Use, A Nonprofit's Quest for Effectiveness" - Kristen Cici, Ph.D. Dissertation SJMC

"Political Humor in the Eye of the Beholder: Argumentation and motivated reasoning in the processing of satirical viral videos" - Nathan Gilkerson, Ph.D. SJMC

"Online Communication Following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake on the Facebook Social Network" - Peter Gloviczki, Ph.D. Dissertation SJMC

"The Study of How Somali-American Women in the Twin Cities Connect with each Other Using Technology" - Debra Kelley, M.A. SJMC

"User's Motivations for Media Use and User's Role in a Network: The uses-and-gratification study on instant social network service" - Cheonoon Kim, M.A SJMC

"Examining Ethnic Differences in Use of Online Community as a Health Information Source between Korean Americans and Non-Hispanic Whites" - Junga Kim, M.A. SJMC

"Mass Media Effects on H1N1 Information Search Behaviors on the Internet: Cross-national comparison of the U.S.A and South Korea" - Soyoon Kim, Ph.D. Dissertation SJMC

"Connected Society, Disconnected Reality: Political knowledge gaps in the new media environment" - Kevin Wang, Ph.D. Dissertation SJMC

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