March 23, 2006

Article on "Cybersmearing"

Laura Gurak, director of the Internet Studies Center here at the U, is quoted in Duluth News Tribune article on the phenomenon of "cybersmearing." From the article:

Terence Banich had been outed as a bad tipper, and he didn't even know it.

He popped up on the cheapskate list at, berated by a server at a Chicago restaurant for leaving a $3 tip on a $200 bill.

Informed of his tipping infamy, Banich said if he had left such a measly gratuity, it was a mistake, a misplaced decimal point, and he's sorry for it.

But Banich, a Chicago lawyer, also said he was none too pleased that a waitress had lifted information from his credit card -- his name -- and posted it on the Internet.

Banich had effectively been cybersmeared, and he's far from alone.

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