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Frontiers is back online! And more events...

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for frontiers_wordmark.jpgAfter a two-week hiatus from online audiences due to spring break and a video showing, Frontiers in the Environment is back tomorrow with a presentation by Pat Nunnally, director of the IonE's River Life program. 

Pat has been speaking about the Mississippi River all over the Twin Cities recently, and will continue tomorrow with his talk "Life on the (Future) Mississippi: Or, It's Not (Just) Mark Twain's River Anymore."   He's also been featured in a number of IonE videos, including this one, "Making the Mississippi."

Wednesday March 31
Pat Nunnally "Life on the (Future) Mississippi: Or, It's Not (Just) Mark Twain's River Anymore"
Frontiers in the Environment
IonE Seminar Room, 12pm
Join us online to watch live

The Mississippi River is a critical source of drinking water, transportation and recreation for tens of millions of people, as well as an important flyway for migratory birds and a critically important fishery. Currently, dozens of groups in various disciplines are passionately engaged in planning for the future of the Mississippi and its watershed, but lacking communication in coordinating these efforts. Learn how the River Life program works from its "lab" in the Twin Cities to strengthen the connections among the University of Minnesota, the Mississippi River, and communities and organizations along the river to create a sustainable urban riverfront.

Other upcoming events:

Tuesday, April 6
Copenhagen Climate Change Summit Documentary Screening
IonE Seminar Room, 4pm

Wednesday, April 7
Allen Levine "Why We Can't Stop Eating"
Frontiers in the Environment
IonE Seminar Room, 12pm

Thursday, April 8
Expanding Biofuel Production and the Transition to Advanced Biofuels
IonE Seminar Room, 8:30am

A Farm for the Future: Sustainable Alternatives
Bell Museum of Natural History, 7:30pm

Friday, April 9
Climate Change & Health: Looming Clouds with Silver Linings
IonE Seminar Room, 11am

Tuesday, April 27
Water for Mulobere film premiere
Coffman Memorial Theater, 7pm

View the trailer here

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