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Frontiers: Recordings and a preview of next week

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for frontiers_wordmark.jpg"The Role of Urban Households in Pollution"
Sarah Hobbie, Associate Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Kristen Nelson, Associate Professor, Forest Resources
The flow of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus through urban households contributes significantly to the overall biogeochemical cycles of American cities. However, little is known about how cycles that contribute to environmental pollution vary among households, or how socioeconomic factors contribute to that variation. In the Twin Cities Household Ecosystem Project, University of Minnesota researchers are quantifying these cycles in households along an urban to exurban gradient in the Saint Paul-Minneapolis metro area. The goal is to determine how demographic and behavioral control factors contribute to household-to-household variation in biogeochemical fluxes. Ultimately, this project will inform policies intended to mitigate local and global pollution arising from human activities in cities.
watch Hobbie & Nelson's presentation

"Greener, Resilient, Secure and Smart Power Grid and Energy Infrastructure"
Massoud Amin, Director, Technological Leadership Institute
Recent developments and policies, combined with potential for technological innovations and business opportunities, have attracted a high level of interest in smart power grids and energy infrastructure. The potential for a highly distributed system with a high penetration of renewable sources poses opportunities and challenges: 1) How do we retrofit and engineer a stable, resilient grid with large numbers of such unpredictable power sources? and 2) What roles will increased efficiency, energy storage, advanced power electronics, power quality, electrification of transportation, novel control algorithms, smart grid and cyber security, and policies and technologies play in transforming the power grid? This talk will focus on how the smart grid relates to all of us.
Watch Amin's presentation

Next week:
"Designing Minnesota's Energy Future"

Steve Kelley, Senior Fellow / Director, Center for Science, Technology and Public Policy, Humphrey Institute
12pm, IonE Seminar room
Watch on UMConnect
Former state senator Steve Kelley will talk about new approaches to public policy development that could help Minnesota move forward on both energy efficiency and the generation of renewable energy. He will also discuss the role that design thinking and systems approaches ought to play in developing solutions to achieve our energy savings and energy generation goals. Kelley is the director of the Center for Science, Technology and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

Other upcoming events:

Tuesday, April 27
Water for Mulobere film premiere
Coffman Memorial Theater, 7pm

View the trailer here

April 29 & 30
Cross-Sector Leadership for the Green Economy
Radisson University Hotel

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