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Prairie Dog Vacuums at Frontiers in the Environment?

What does this YouTube video have to do with today's Frontiers in the Environment seminar?
Watch Jeff Bender's presentation Animal Translocation: The Public Health Implications of Moving Animals and Animal Products, now posted on the Frontiers event page!

Click here to watch now.

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Emerging Technologies and the Environment: The Right Pushmi-Pullyu?
IonE resident fellow Jennifer Kuzma presents a Frontiers in the Environment talk on the role of emerging technologies with unknown consequences in addressing pressing environmental problems.
Nov. 11

Lester Brown Was Half Right: What We Can Learn From China's Food System
Jim Harkness, president of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, presents a Frontiers on the Environment look at China's efforts to feed 22 percent of the world's people on 9 percent of its arable land.
Nov. 17

China's Challenges: Energy, Environment and Development
IonE resident fellow Elizabeth Wilson presents a Frontiers on the Environment talk on energy supply, demand, policy and innovation in the world's most populous country.
Dec. 1

E3 2010: The Midwest's Premier Energy, Economic and Environmental Conference (Nov 30)
Fall 2010 Frontiers in the Environment schedule
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