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The Future of Environmental Education?

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earthducation1.jpgI have seen the future and it is "Earthducation"! (Try saying that five times fast)

After meeting with Professor Aaron Doering earlier this week all I can say is, "Wow, he really gets it."

Aaron is the founder of GoNorth! - the online adventure learning program that helped alert over 3 million school kids worldwide to environmental issues in the arctic. While GoNorth! focused primarily on cold climates, his latest project will explore environmental topics around the world.

Earthducation is series of 8 expeditions over the course of 4 years designed to create a world narrative of the dynamic intersections between education and sustainability. The first expedition took place in Greenland earlier this year. The team is now gearing up for their next expedition to Burkina Faso in Africa this January.

I think the whole idea of combining adventurous explorations with online learning is a brilliant way to bring environmental issues to life.

The Institute on the Environment recently awarded a Discovery Grant to Earthducation, and we look forward to supporting this innovative project in the future!

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