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$4 Million Available for Renewable Energy Projects

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solar_panel.jpgIf you're involved in renewable energy research or technology development in the University of Minnesota system, this announcement is for you! The Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment, a signature program of the Institute on the Environment, just released an RFP offering $4 million in funding for innovative projects that create the potential for technology breakthroughs in renewable energy while maximizing benefits to the environment. Funding is available to U of M researchers for three types of grants:
  • Large Grants - integrated, multi-disciplinary projects; up to three years and $750,000 each
  • Early Career Grants - integrated, multi-disciplinary projects; up to three years and $150,000 each led by tenure-track faculty members with a hire date not more than six years before submission of the grant application
  • Seed Grants - pilot projects that explore the potential for high-risk, high-potential ideas in the initial stages of development; one to two years, up to $70,000 each
Eligible for funding: basic research, applied research and technology demonstrations in the areas of bioenergy, biofuels and bioproducts; solar; wind; renewable hydrogen; hydroelectric; geothermal; conservation and efficient energy utilization; and policy, economics and ecosystems

Proposals will be accepted until 11 p.m. CST March 29, 2011. Funding decisions will be made in mid-May, with projects beginning July 1.

Want to learn more? http://environment.umn.edu/iree/iree_funding.html

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