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Back from Burkina Faso

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PHOTO BY Justin Evidon, LT Media Lab

How can we learn about the role of education in sustainability - and the role of sustainability in education - on a global scale? Answer: Earthducation. With support from the Institute on the Environment, the adventure learning program is sending a team of explorers to seven continents to answer the questions, "What is education?" and "How can education advance sustainability?"

The team's first expedition took it to Burkina Faso, Africa, this past January. While there, team members - traveling by foot, SUV and motorcycle - interviewed different people to get their response to the questions, "What does the word education mean to you?"; "What does the word sustainability mean to you?"; and "How do you believe education can impact sustainability?" The responses from the African people, along with those from six other "climate hot spots" around the world, will be synthesized into a global look at the links between education and the environment.

Expeditions 2-7 are planned for Europe (June 2011), Australia (January 2012), South America (June 2012), Asia (January 2013), North America (June 2013) and Antarctica (January 2014).

View photos and stories from the Burkina Faso adventure and learn about future expeditions here.

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