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Frontiers Is Back!

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The new semester of Frontiers in the Environment kicked off this week with a seminar by Terje Mikalsen, CEO of Tysvar, LLC - "Bringing the Green Economy to Scale.

terje.pngMikalsen is regarded as one of Norway's most successful technology investors and entrepreneurs and has had a distinguished career in international business and investing. He is now CEO of Tysvar, LLC, a privately-held strategic advisory firm focused on emerging opportunities in clean technology and health care. 

 Terje Mikalsen's presentation has now been posted online - visit the Frontiers webpage to view the recording, see the rest of the lineup for the spring Frontiers in the Environment seminar series, and view archived presentations from previous semesters!

Also, visit the IonE Events page to view all upcoming events hosted and sponsored by the Institute on the Environment, including the inaugural Momentum Event Series, featuring environmental visionaries Majora Carter, Hans Rosling and Sylvia Earle.

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