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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

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silverware.jpgGuess who's coming to dinner?

At the University of Minnesota, Crookston, this Thursday it's the neighbors - and sustainability is on the menu.

Dan Svedarsky, director of UMC's Center for Sustainability, has been working to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation, food, and other systems at UMC, In doing so, he realized that the campus can't function as an island. So he decided to bring area residents together with the on-campus community to create a "Communiversity" committed to advancing sustainability in the entire Crookston area.

Enter Sustainability Supper Seminars. Recognizing that most great conversations happen around food, Svedarsky applied for and received an IonE Mini Grant to fund a series of biweekly evening meals and sustainability discussions for anyone interested - on or off campus.

The first of eight biweekly supper seminars, an introduction to sustainability, will be held this Thursday - March 24. Future sessions will focus on

  • international dimensions of sustainability
  • urban ecosystems
  • implementing climate neutrality plans for campuses
  • peak oil implications for planning
  • energy efficiency and renewable energy perspectives
  • local food production
  • faith-based approaches to sustainability

Interested in joining the conversation? Contact Michael Knudson today to make your reservation.

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