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Building a Better Neighborhood

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Eco-entrepreneur Majora Carter started by transforming a neighborhood waste dump into a community-boosting waterfront park. Now she's transforming the world by sharing the vision of environment-centered urban renewal far and wide.

Last month Carter appeared at Ted Mann Concert Hall as the inaugural speaker for the Institute on the Environment's Momentum 2011 event series. View the 3-minute sneak peek of her talk, "You Don't Have to Move Out of Your Neighborhood to Live in a Better One," above, or watch the full 40-minute video.

On deck for Momentum 2011: International health guru Hans Rosling, who will speak April 26 on "A Fact-Based World View" with a featured performance by comedian Cy Amundson. The season will wrap up May 10 with a presentation by oceanographer Sylvia Earle on "Sustainable Seas: The Vision, the Reality,"  and a performance by musician Mason Jennings.

If you enjoy an evening filled with enriching ideas and engaging entertainment, Momentum 2011 is for you! Click here for information and tickets.

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