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Creating a Climate for Change

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After 33 years in a state where weather perennially tops the conversation charts, University of Minnesota climatologist and meteorologist Mark Seeley has a unique perspective on climate conversations. He gladly shared it with last week's Frontiers on Environment audience - alongseeley2.jpg with some pointed words of warning about the brewing storm on the horizon.

Seeley started by calling out memorable weather-related events over the course of his career, from the 1976 drought that brought him here from Texas, to the current Spring That Refuses to Arrive. (Yes, we're expecting snow again today.) From there he moved on to talk about the topic top on his mind: Engaging the public in climate change.

After offering three compelling reasons to accept that climate change is real, Seeley invited listeners to think about five things they care most about. Chances are you share at least one of them with others around you those around you, he said - so find that common ground and build on it to create the shared commitment that can open the door to collaborative action.

"If we continue to be dismissive and ignore, that's the wrong thing to do. That's just deferring the problem to our children," he said. "There is no ready-made solution that's on the shelf that is going to cure everything. ... But we need to be on the same platform to discuss."

View Seeley's recorded presentation here.

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