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From Here to Sustainability

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What if we could get top thought leaders from business, academia, non-government organizations, and government agencies to work together to identify and capitalize on opportunities to enhance return on investment while building a sustainable global economy?

Turns out we can. Since it was founded in 2009, IonE's NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise has been building a new model for cross-sector collaboration that is starting to bear some remarkable fruit.

NorthStar brings together executives from top-tier corporations such as Best Buy, Medtronic, General Mills and Andersen Corp. with sustainability experts from the University of Minnesota and environmental NGOs to identify knowledge needed to develop practices that both strengthen enterprises and boost sustainability. Initiative staff conduct research to fill in the knowledge gaps, then present their findings to the consortium members who can transform them into innovative on-the-ground solutions. NorthStar helps make the right connections, spark innovation and deliver.

Next week's consortium meeting, to be held June 28-29 on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus in St. Paul, promises a bonus benefit: a keynote speech by internationally renowned green biz guru Joel Makower. Co-founder and executive editor of Greenbiz Group, Inc., and author of more than a dozen books on sustainable enterprise and related topics, Makower will help consortium members take advantage of top strategies for moving forward on their journey to sustainability.

Interested in learning more? Sign up here to attend a late afternoon reception that will offer an opportunity to meet Makower as well as visit with NorthStar consortium members and learn about the role sustainability plays in their business success.

Photo: Joel Makower

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