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Update From India

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acara drydrip.jpgThe seeds of change are in the ground!

Seven teams of students and other budding social entrepreneurs began building skills for success this week as the three-week Acara Institute 2011 kicked off in Bangalore India.

The institute, led by the IonE-supported Acara Program, provides training in all aspects of social entrepreneurship, from design thinking to finding financial support. Most participants are college students who successfully competed in the Acara Challenge, a semester-long competitive program that challenges interdisciplinary, international teams to develop projects that could  become viable businesses aimed at empowering local people to improving social conditions in developing countries. 

Students started the week with a lessons on story-telling in seven sentences and discovery-based planning. The days to come will include field trips, workshops and lectures on design thinking, rural innovation, community relationships and more.

Vishy Kuruganti, an Indian blogger, is attending portions of the institute and providing updates at TechSanGam. Sign up for the TechSanGam RSS feed and watch those seeds of change sprout and flourish.

Photo detail of Acara-catalyzed MyRain drip irrigation project courtesy of Acara Challenge participant and administrative fellow Sri Latha Ganti

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