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Insights From Aspen

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What do you get when you combine Bill McGibben, Marcia McNutt, Daniel Nocera, Jon Foley, Amory Lovins, Esther Sternberg and 100 other top thinkers and doers at the leading edge of environment, energy, population and health?

One amazing event, and about a million insights worth sharing.

Today is final day of the four-day 2011 Aspen Forum, an environmental thought free-for-all held in Aspen. Colo., by the Aspen Institute and National Geographic. The goal of the annual gathering is to boost awareness and understanding of the environmental challenges the world faces through conversations across a broad range of topics. This year's theme: How can Earth's finite resources meet expanding human needs?

Transformational conversations involving pundits and public alike have been focusing on five key areas: cities, energy, food, goods and nature. Sessions include coping with calamity, clean coal, the climate change conversation, taming sprawl, the business of sustainability, the future of forests, reinventing cars, rethinking plastic, food security and more.

Good news for those of us not there: Videos of a number of the sessions are available for viewing online. Check them out, then start some transformational conversations of your own.

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