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Sylvia Earle: Envisioning Sustainable Seas

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National Geographic explorer in residence, deep-sea diver and ocean advocate Sylvia Earle brought a message of encouragement to the Twin Cities in May as  the third and final speaker in the Institute on the Environment's groundbreaking Momentum 2011 event series. Despite overfishing, climate change and other onslaughts, Earle is convinced that if we commit ourselves to the cause, we can help the world's oceans thrive in these uncertain times.

"I, for one, am a hope-aholic," she told a crowd of more than 500 at Ted Mann Concert Hall. "I ask you to join me in that endeavor."

View a 3-minute sneak peek of Earle's talk, "Sustainable Seas: The Vision, the Reality," above, or watch the full 40-minute video. Then check out her Hope Spots website to learn more about how you join her not only in hoping - but in making that hope a reality as well.

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