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A Neighborhood of Raingardens

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Film Poster.jpgWhat good are raingardens? They help capture water running from roofs, lawns, driveways and streets, allowing it to soak into the soil rather than carry sediment and other pollutants into lakes and streams. They add the beauty of native plants to a community. Less visible but every bit as significant, they can unite community members around the common theme of beautifying neighborhoods while protecting natural resources. 

"A Neighborhood of Raingardens," a documentary produced and directed by College of Liberal Arts faculty member and Institute on the Environment resident fellow Mark Pedelty, depicts the transformation of a Minneapolis neighborhood through a community raingarden project. Premiering Friday, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. at the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis, the video showcases an inspirational initiative to clean up Powderhorn Lake one yard at a time. Guided and encouraged by Metro Blooms, hundreds of Powderhorn residents got together over the course of four months to install more than 100 raingardens.

The 60-minute film, sponsored by IonE and The Film Society of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, follows the initiative from inception to fruition, illustrating the promises and problems of this exciting new citizen-centered approach to watershed management. It draws on the talents of many U of M students, community members and Karl Demer of Atomic K Studios, who provided much of the professional support. 

 Admission for the premiere is $8.50 general, $6 students and seniors. Find more information and buy tickets here.

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I think that you are right on track with the raingardens.

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