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The Business End of Climate Change

Whether climate change is real is a moot point for a growing number of big businesses. Just as wrestler/author (and former Minnesota governor) Jesse Ventura didn't have time to bleed, these companies don't have time to argue. Instead, they're adapting their business strategies, their investment portfolios and their profitability plans to accommodate the higher oceans, hotter temperatures and more mercurial weather associated with global climate change. In an article from the Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media reposted at Momentum last week, writer Michael Coren notes these adaptations, among others:

  • Rio Tinto, an international mining company, is updating engineering standards at a number of its facilities to accommodate climate change.
  • Honda, Vodafone and SwissRe are incorporating climate change into investment decisions.
  • Volkswagen aims to enhance its competitive advantage by investing in water filtration plants.
  • Chemical manufacturer BASF considers climate risk when planning expansion.
  • Siemens is developing strategies to capitalize on opportunities presented by climate change.

Coren suggests that using a risk management approach rather than calculating the costs of individual adverse events will be key for companies hoping to cope successfully with a warmer world. "Businesses could come to see climate adaptation 'as an insurance policy against an uncertain future,'" he writes. Read more.


From my point of view, companies has to lead the flight against climate change. In our capitalist system, they have more power than governments. There have the chance to go to a sustainable economy using less resources and improving the energy efficiency. They also have the option to invest in the rainforest and offset their emissions, one of the best options to deal with climate change. Following that line of work, we are carrying out a project which is perfect for that. Check out the bloomtrigger project.

Thank you, Juan. This is an interesting approach to helping protect rainforests. I wish you success.

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