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The Other Inconvenient Truth

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TED, ("Ideas Worth Spreading") chose IonE director Jon Foley's TEDxTC presentation on agriculture and the environment as an Editor's Pick of the week recently. In this 18-minute talk, Foley offers a startling view of the impact of agriculture on Earth's landscape - what he calls "a world transformed" - and proposes a strategy for creating a future in which we can feed the world while protecting the planet.

"Without a doubt, agriculture is the single most powerful force unleashed on this planet since the end of the Ice Age - no question," Foley says. But, he adds, it's also integral to our existence. "We completely depend on it. It's not optional, it's not a luxury, it's a complete necessity."

How can we reconcile the need to feed 9 million people with the need to sustain the ecosystems that sustain us? Watch the video above to find out.  

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