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Going for the Gold

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biodiversity_momentum.jpgOn the evening of November 3, IonE's Momentum magazine won ten awards including seven golds at the 15th Annual Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association (MMPA) Excellence Awards -- an annual event recognizing outstanding achievements in magazine publishing. The awards are determined by a panel of industry professionals with expertise in the areas of editorial, design, marketing, circulation, digital publishing, and more.

Over the past three years, Momentum has brought home a total of 22 MMPA Excellence Awards in categories ranging from feature writing and design to overall excellence.

A complete list of the 2011 awards along with the judges' comments for the gold winners is available below:

GOLD: Best Cover Design (Special Interest Under 60,000) for Spring 2011 issue

Comments: This cover is striking to say the least. There's a really restrained and oh-so-appropriate use of color, contrast, and white space. We felt like that lizard was going to jump right off the page and lick us at any moment -- and we liked it. That's right, we like the lizard, and aren't ashamed to admit it.

GOLD: Best Letter to the Readers (Special Interest Under 60,000) for "Becoming a Climate Pragmatist" by Jon Foley

Comments: It's refreshing to find an editor who isn't afraid of speaking out on burning issues--corporate disclaimers notwithstanding! This column is eloquent as well as persuasive.

SILVER: Best Feature Article (Special Interest Under 60,000) for "Girl Empower" by Emily Sohn

BRONZE: Best Feature Article (Special Interest Under 60,000) for "All Consuming" by David Biello

GOLD: Best Feature Design (Special Interest Under 60,000) for "Water Tight"

Comments: This was a very competitive category. However among the entries, this spread was a standout. A lot of information is displayed in an almost effortless manner and clearly much work went into artfully placing all of the elements throughout the story. The design is clean and easy to read.

GOLD: Best Single Page or Spread Design (Special Interest Under 60,000) for "The Big One"

Comments: There's a tremendous amount of information packed into this ominous little spread, but the data is very digestible thanks to effective design. It's concise but credible, largely due to the designer's ability to represent content graphically and provide a suitable context and easy-to-interpret hierarchy of information.

BRONZE: Best Single Page or Spread Design (Special Interest Under 60,000) for "Planet of the Insects"

GOLD: Best Single-Topic or Special Issue (Special Interest Under 60,000) for "The Biodiversity Issue"

Comments: This issue was incredibly well-designed, written and executed.  The overall theme was carried out in each article.  The visual impact of the illustrations and photography in the magazine was consistent throughout.

GOLD: Overall Design (Special Interest Under 60,000) for Momentum

Comments: The magazine is really beautifully done. We really appreciate the mix of typography and photography alongside absolutely awesome infographics. The visual data points really helped support and enhance the story. The designers did an excellent job of dealing with quiet space - they didn't try to fill up the pages with unnecessary elements. There's a consistency throughout each entire issue, but it's not a boring consistency, as there are surprises peppered throughout the pages.

GOLD: Overall Excellence (Special Interest Under 60,000) for Momentum

Comments: Momentum knocked it out of the park. Great stories, great layout. The design enhances the message so much that I had to flip to the masthead. Creative director Sarah Karnas has a creative vision for every story that enhances the message. We found ourselves engrossed in the content and blown away by the presentation. Well done, this is what every magazine should aspire to.

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